A lot can happen in 3 days

So for a few months Mrs Allotment10and10a and I had been debating whether we replace the polytunnel cover or get a greenhouse. Last weekend after weeks of trawling Facebook, eBay, Gumtree, Preloved and the internet in general, we were offered a second hand greenhouse. So went to the next village to dismantle it and take it to the allotment.

And so started the 3 day weekend to put it up before I head off for a week away with work. In those 3 days: rain, snow, hail, strong wind and finally some sunshine. 3 trips to B&Q, 2 trips to 2 different garden centres, and not having enough bits to finish.

We decided to move to patio the old shed sat on.

Patio up and weeded.

We bought a frame which I struggled to put together right

Then on to the fun of fitting the greenhouse to the frame

And then the glass was cleaned and put in.

And finally it’s finished

If you want some advice I am probably the wrong person to ask. Glad we did it but my god I’m shattered.


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