Weekends were made for… weeding 

So it’s still warm in Essex and the promised rain hasn’t come so we gave the plot a good soaking, and whilst we waited for the tap and then the water butts to fill we weeding. And then weeded again.

The salad potatoes had blight so we pulled them today.

A bit disappointed with the harvest, so maybe next year it’ll be blight resistant varieties everywhere, still got the Caras in the ground.

The courgettes have powdery mildew so got a spray with bicarbonate and a good soak.

The polytunnel is looking good and cucumbers, chilliest and tomatoes are coming on.

Roots are doing well.

Beans too.

We’ve managed a few meals with our harvests:

BBQ tonight (courgette, Potatoes and broad beans from the plot)

Onion, chard and sausage sourdough pizza

It was hot digging up the potatoes today and trying not to spread any blight but tasting the potatoes today made it all worthwhile.


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