Early morning

So it’s been quite warm in Essex recently and we both agreed, Mrs Allotment10and10a and I, that we should probably go and give the plot a soak but the weather was too good and we had a BBQ instead.

The next morning it was rather mild, so I took the opportunity to get up, fill the water butts and soak the plot. It was so peaceful at 5:30 in the morning. No queue for the tap. And I had an hour weeding the roots and pulling some overgrown grass around the black currants.

The Swiss Chard is really coming on, it’s such a happy vegetable. The rest of the roots and coming on well too but we seem to have lost a few celeriacs we planted out.

We are really pleased with the plot at the moment. Grass paths are short, keeping on top of weeds but there looks like imminent bind weed invasion from the neighbours which we need to sort out.

And finally the sunflowers are nice and welcoming, a happy flower.

It wasn’t until lunchtime and I was sat at my desk, at work and the heavens opened I realised my early morning exploits weren’t needed but set me up for a positive day and I thought of a sign I see on a neighbouring plot. A good day is on I spend on my allotment. I just need to win the lottery and I can spend more days up there.


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