Bank holiday weekend

So it has been a bank holiday weekend here in Essex, which normally means; you plan to do things, the weather has other ideas.

Saturday morning started off bright and warm and descended into lightning, rain and hail.

Allotment10ans10a Steve popped over for a few hours to help dig the hole for the pond Mrs Allotment10and10a had been planning. He hit clay and 4 barrows later we were ready to fill the pond.

Mrs Allitment10and10a then continued to make it welcoming for the wildlife with stones.

And then finished it off with some logs in piles.

In other news, we thinned the chard seedlings, planted out the two leek varieties we’d been hardening off for a few weeks and weeded the rest of the root bed.

Mrs Allotment10and10a planted out her celery.

We earthed up the pink for apples but I forgot to get a picture of that and we managed to mow the grass and harvest some broad beans and globe artichokes.

It doesn’t look or sound like much but we are shattered and have done three for three days in the rain, hail, cloud and sun. Drank our way through 12 bottles of water, bruised knees, scratched legs and dirty, dirty shower water, but we’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved.


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