Sunny Sunday Plotting 

So the weather inEssex has improved and Sunday was warm, so Mrs Allotment10and10a and I decided to plot.

The maincrop potatoes were earthed up.

And Mrs Allotment10and10a moved her sweet peas to the fence surrounding the potatoes.

After weeding around the brassica cage we planted out some of the giant sunflowers and stock we’d been growing.

Planted out some onion seedlings we picked up cheap at the garden centre.

And then on to the next structure building. Mrs Allotment10and10a has wanted to put in a wildlife pond since we took on the plot. She’s hoping the frogs and toads will control the slug population. So a fellow plotter offered up a 50 gallon container and I had the make a start of trying to sink it into the ground. All I can say is it was warm and 50 gallons is big.

I retired the spade after going down about 12 inches.

A little more work for the bank holiday weekend, I think.

Cat for scale.

We also managed our first globe artichoke harvest, but forgot to take a picture, sorry.

Until next time, when hopefully we’ll have the first broad beans of the year.


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