Runner beans and the super strength A frame

So we’d planned where the runner beans were going back in January, when Mrs Allotment10and10a worked out the rotation, for this year.

We’ll as we had a day off and it was sunny we made a packed lunch and thought we’d get weeding and building the beans support.

I soon lost interest in the weeding but we persevered.

Now structure building on the plot usually starts, ends and in the middle has some form of argument. 

No that’s not what I meant!

Are you doing this on purpose?

Why aren’t you listening to me?

And so on.

So when this one went relatively well and we added cross braces because of the wind, we were both quite impressed with the quality of this one.

We also mulched the trees and blueberries, and it’s the first year we have flowers on the blueberries, so fingers crossed for some fruit this year.

We also picked up a reduced Broom plant in Homebase, and planted that in what will become the flower bed.

Now just weeding the salad and courgette beds now…


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