Easter Sunday

So the weatherman was predicting rain, torrential rain and rain on the top this weekend, so we were up early and on the plot by 8:30, to make the most of the day before the floods came.

4 hours later and we hadn’t had a spot but were hungry, so left.

I’d been hardening off the broad beans I planted recently for the last week and got them in.

We finished off the fencing the roots bed and edged all the way round. Carrots, parsnips and Swiss chard. More to go in later.

Finally managed to find some chilli plants because the seeds we started don’t seem to be doing anything.

Mrs Allotment10and10a weeded the polytunnel and we planted the chillies.

And she potted on courgettes.

And some flowers.

And I potted on some bedding plants I started from seed a month ago.

And then finally we moved our secondary water butt next to our primary water butt and connected them together. Much tidier now.

It’s been a busy weekend and I ache, but feel we are making progress and it’s starting to look like an allotment again.


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