It’s a sad day

Today marks the end of an era, it is a sad day in the Mr and Mrs Allotment10and10a house.

I went to the freezer, and found that we only had one bag of broad beans from last year’s harvest but we must remember to look on the bright side… broad beans will be fresh soon and the freezer will fill again.

I think broad beans are possibly my favourite vegetable, after asparagus, of course.

Any way we boiled up the last of the broad beans with pasta, chucked in some tomatoes and feta and coated in pesto.


The chicken was pan fried and basted with garlic and herb butter. More on the herbs another time but we have made a herb hanging basket and they are loving it.

This meal was really tasty, easy and fairly quick but what got me most excited was, in a couple of months we will, hopefully, have most of the ingredients on our plot and make this fresh.



Sunday Brassica Bed Work

So Sunday morning comes around, and it’s allotment time.

The sun was out but there was a cold breeze, but Sunday morning allotment time means I can put the radio on and listen to BBC Essex Quest. I’m getting far too old, too quickly, and my Essex geography is terrible.

Anyway, we are trying to stick to a rotation, and after broad beans comes brassicas.

We dug over the bed, finding raspberry suckers and small potato plants (it’s been 2 years since we had Red Duke of Yorks in there).

We had assistance from a little red helper.

Then the structure for the netting went over.

We’re hardening off the brassicas to plant in a couple of weeks. So more on this soon.

And it’s been awhile since we took in the whole plot, so here goes…

Without the big shed it has really changed the plot.

A Thursday water and pictures 

The allotment needed some water and I thought I’d take some pictures…

The artichokes are starting to form, can some recommend what to do with them, we just give them away because the plants are too good to get rid off.

Blueberries are starting to flower it’s only taken 2 years.

Fruit trees are starting to settle in, and are budding.

So are the raspberries.

Planning for a visit over the weekend, watch this space, there’s plans afoot for brassica beds.

Easter Sunday

So the weatherman was predicting rain, torrential rain and rain on the top this weekend, so we were up early and on the plot by 8:30, to make the most of the day before the floods came.

4 hours later and we hadn’t had a spot but were hungry, so left.

I’d been hardening off the broad beans I planted recently for the last week and got them in.

We finished off the fencing the roots bed and edged all the way round. Carrots, parsnips and Swiss chard. More to go in later.

Finally managed to find some chilli plants because the seeds we started don’t seem to be doing anything.

Mrs Allotment10and10a weeded the polytunnel and we planted the chillies.

And she potted on courgettes.

And some flowers.

And I potted on some bedding plants I started from seed a month ago.

And then finally we moved our secondary water butt next to our primary water butt and connected them together. Much tidier now.

It’s been a busy weekend and I ache, but feel we are making progress and it’s starting to look like an allotment again.

Potatoes are in

Well Good Friday bought good weather to Allotment10and10a so we decided to spent a couple of hours plotting.

Our maincrop, Cara, and salad potatoes, Pink Fir Apples, are now in.

I always forget how much work it is digging in potatoes, but hopefully we’ll not get blight this year.

I was helped by this little fella…

We also spent some time edging out bed for roots and and redoing the boundary fence, more on that to follow.

Raspberries, raspberries, raspberries 

So after 4 months of putting it off I finally finished off sorting the raspberry beds outs.

I ached, sweated, had dirty hands and my fat fingers couldn’t cope with the tiny, tiny bolts I’d bought. But I’m happy with the results…

We have a row of summer fruiting canes growing at the back and a variety of autumn fruiting canes at the front.

Since the photo was taken I’ve added five more to the right bed and we mulched all of them but I forgot to snap a photo, I’ll try to remember next time.

Allotment10and10a is starting to look like an allotment again, especially after a mow of the grass and a tidy of the edges.

Potted fruit trees

So… for years I said people who buy things off the shopping channels are idiots, I can now count myself as an idiot.

Ideal World recently had a special offer on ‘patio’ fruit trees, and I thought they’ll be good for where the shed used to be at the allotment…

Cut a long story short, after many angry tweets, the trees arrived and we potted them up.

Hopefully we’ll have some apples, pears, plums and cherries later in the year, I’ll keep you posted.