Man make fire and weeds

So this weekend was the day I decided to remove the broken shed. If I’d thought about it move I should have just taken it to the tip but I decided to burn it. All men like making fire so for three hours this Saturday I was pulling, punching and stamping on bits of wood to make them small enough to burn. 

I didn’t quite appreciate how hot the fire would get and almost melted the plastic compost bin.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, I was too busy burning things!

We pulled the remaining parsnips and leeks because we needed to weed the bed ready for our maincrop potatoes. 

The rest of the time was weeding the garlic and onions and broad beans.

Mrs Allotment10and10a planted up cucumbers, cucamelon, sprouts, kale, psb, courgettes and butternut squash in the polytunnel and we started tomatoes, chillies and peppers on the windowsill at home.

And we had a flurry of bedding plant seeds planted. More on those if they come to anything.


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