Storm Doris

So after what we’d planned to do at the weekend and what we actually had to do, I am tired but looking forward to the possibilities.

Storm Doris ‘battered’ the U.K. Last week, amongst the casualties were our recycling bins and the larger shed window. 

We had just planned to bag up some manure and dig it into the polytunnel but after we’d collected what felt like half a tonne of horse droppings. We headed to the allotment and found the wind had blown the window out of the large shed and it had shattered. We’d been talking for some time about getting rid of it because we’d been propping it up with metal posts in many inventive ways.

So priority was to clear the shed of anything of any value because there’s been a spate of break ins in the village, and they wouldn’t have had to break in to get stuff.

So once work is complete they’ll be pictures of shelves and organised spades but until the drill is charged and I find more hours in the day you’ll have imagine that.