No lawnmowers today I’m afraid

Well today Mrs Allotment10and10a and I went up the allotment with the intention of harvesting some tomatoes and cutting the grass.

The rain overnight meant the grass was wet so I didn’t go and collect a lawnmower as soon as we arrived, instead I carried on sorting the raspberries:

Before (we it looked like this but it’s not the same bed)


There’s still work to do and I’m planning that over the next couple of months.

Mrs Allotment10and10a decided to take a look in the polytunnel and we took the decision to cut out loses on the tomatoes and pull the plants out because there were signs of blight.



Mrs Allotment10and10a is now looking for her green tomato chutney recipe.

In the meantime we couldn’t rent a lawnmower because there was no  one to service them. I did manage to buy my winter broad bean seeds, aquadulce, they’ll be going in soon.

Other harvesting was chillies, runner beans and French beans.

And some up to date plot photos:

I’m planning to preserve some of the chillies so I’ll update you when I’ve done anything.


2 thoughts on “No lawnmowers today I’m afraid

  1. Cheshire Foodies September 12, 2016 / 11:22 am

    It’s looking very good and productive! I think this year has been horrendous for tomatoes! Mine got blight badly and I couldn’t rescue my tomatoes in time, however a plot literally two along has fantastic outdoor tomatoes, no blight in sight! ūüė¶


    • allotment10and10a September 12, 2016 / 5:25 pm

      Hi, looking around a lot of tomatoes of our allotment have blight but we lost most of our potatoes to it too as did a lot of people.
      Planning on trying out some blight resistant varieties next year.
      I’ll keep you posted when we’ve decided and how they get on.

      Mr Allotment10and10a

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