Dodging the rain

Well today Mrs Allotment10and10a had some friends round so I thought to myself I can get outside and do some jobs on the plot.

The weather had different ideas and I forgot my phone, so can’t prove I did anythin, but honestly I did.

The artichokes have been tidied and cut back, we don’t really like artichoke but the plants were established when we took over the plot and it seemed silly to get rid of them. Now it’s an obsession with me keeping these plants tidy.

Another established patch we had were the summer raspberries and I started to prune these but between stinging nettles, bind weed and stupidly long grass I gave up when it started to rain and looked grey.

Before I left I harvested some outdoor tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers.

Much more planned tomorrow, let’s hope the weather improves and I’ll take some pictures.


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