4th April 2015

it has been a few weeks since we’d been up to survey our land due to illness and laziness. Well we got up to the allotment today and picked up our main crop potatoes from the trading hut, 3lb of Pink Fir Apples, they’ll be chitted soon.

We had been overrun with weeds and the down pipe leading to a waterbutt had fallen apart, so that was fixed with a piece of rope until I can sort more permanently. 

The pigeons had been pulling up some of the broad beans we’d planted.


So we filled in some gaps and netted them off


The rest was general pottering, repotted some peas in the polytunnel 



  The polytunnel potatoes got covered in some more compost


And the rest of the polytunnel got a spraying of weed killer because it looked awful



Finally we planted out a Tayberry and Gooseberry bush we’d bought from the 99p Shop





Pleased with how the rhubarb and garlic are doing




Hopefully get back up the allotment for a few hours tomorrow as well, it’s nice to be outside  


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