22nd March 2015

A busy day today.

Finished off the maincrop potato bed and covered it


Chel started and finished the nursery / salad bed



Chel weeded the rhubarb 



The broad beans are starting to shoot


We planted the second row of Red Duke of Yorks



And the first artichoke looks to be doing well





8th March 2015

Today we planted our first row of first early potatoes. We decided to plant Red Duke of York, perhaps we planted they a little too deep but were experimenting with the use of soiling up.



We then started preparing the bed we are going to be using for our main crop potatoes, Pink Fir Apples. Lots to remove here but going well.


Rhubarb and garlic are growing well too.




1st March 2015

Today we finally finished off sorting out the raspberry beds. Bucket after bucket of grass was pulled up and a wheelbarrow full of dead canes were dumped on the bonfire pile. We left the canes with buds because we aren’t sure which type of raspberries they are, summer or autumn.

Chel dug out the final bed from the original allotment, 10a, we are planning to put runner beans here

Finally we tidied up the artichoke plants and spotted our first crown about to pop up.

And here’s what the whole plot looks like.