21st February 2015

Today we spent a couple of hours up the allotment tidying and sorting bits out.

We moved sme of the turf we’d put in the compost bin. Marked out the beds for plot 10 and decided to glysophosphate the area we intend to plant.

We also planted a couple bags of potatoes and put them in the poly tunnel. We then rehydrated some jiffy plugs and started some tomatoes and leeks.

We put in an extra row of broad beans and fudged together an a frame for the peas.

We top dressed one of the raspberry beds, sorry no picture of this and it was communal compost we used.

The only other thing we did was notice the garlic was coming on nicely.


15th February 2015

Today we finished putting our poly tunnel up.

We had sunk the frame so this needed to be buried, there was a ‘skirt’ of extra material which needed to buried as well, this acts as an anchor. It took about 8 wheelbarrows of soil to cover, this was hard work and we are feeling it now! It does feel like we’ve achieved something this weekend. The inside has been levelled, raked over and we put a walking board in there too.

We had accumulated a lot of wood which needed to be burnt, the weather was good so we got rid of that too.

Planted another row of broad beans as well as thinning and rejigging to even the plants out.

And finally fitted our water butt to the new shed, picked up a bargain from Wilkinson.

14th February 2015 – an allotment valentines day

Today was a busy day and we are both feeling the effects of a hard days digging!

Since taking over the second plot and getting more space we had decided to get a poly tunnel, which we ordered just after christmas and carried up to the allotment a couple of weeks ago. Today the weather was finally good enough to think about getting it constructed.

First we had to clear the space of weeds etc. We had already covered the spot to try to make this easier and for once the job was much easier then we anticipated. We got the site cleared much quicker than we thought so we started to put the frame together:

Then we dug a trench around the outside to sink the frame into the ground slightly to anchor it.

Like I said, it was a tough day and we were both exhausted by this point so decided to leave putting the cover on until tomorrow.

We already also planning to start chitting our first early potatoes and preparing the ground for them in the next few weeks.

8th February 2015

Today we went up to the allotment to check things over as we had been taking a break during the recent bad weather.

The peas and beans are continuing to grow well and the fruit bushes we panted/moved are doing ok too.

We finished clearing the first raspberry bed of overgrown grass but didn’t get round to talking the second one!

And weeded around the garlic we planted in November. All 12 cloves we planted have sprouted and are growing nicely:

Whilst checking over the plot we discovered another rhubarb crown so dug it up, split it and plant it in the bed with the rest, which is starting to shoot so we might think about covering a couple of them to force some early rhubarb and spread the crop.