10th January 2015

Today we took delivery of our poly tunnel, it was slightly larger and much heavier than either of us thought it would be, so we are having to ferry it up to the allotment in a couple of trips using the trolley we use for shopping.

Half of the poles are now in the shed, the other and the cover will go up next week and then we’ll have to prepare the ground and dig  the trenches.

Whilst we were up at the allotment we had a slight shuffle round of the fruit bushes we put in last week; we moved some more blackberries which were in the middle of the plot and then doubled the blueberries and gooseberries.

We then tried to clear around the raspberry canes we cut back last week, this was much harder work than either of us thought it would. The grass growing had matted with moss and pulling off black plastic we found an assortment of rubbish all tied down with rope. An hour and half later and 6 buckets of grass, moss and gunk later the raspberry canes are looking much better. A bit more to finish off next week and then we need to move onto the other raspberry bed.

It was getting cold so after a bit of tidying up after the strong winds we’d had it was back home.


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