10th January 2015

Today we took delivery of our poly tunnel, it was slightly larger and much heavier than either of us thought it would be, so we are having to ferry it up to the allotment in a couple of trips using the trolley we use for shopping.

Half of the poles are now in the shed, the other and the cover will go up next week and then we’ll have to prepare the ground and dig  the trenches.

Whilst we were up at the allotment we had a slight shuffle round of the fruit bushes we put in last week; we moved some more blackberries which were in the middle of the plot and then doubled the blueberries and gooseberries.

We then tried to clear around the raspberry canes we cut back last week, this was much harder work than either of us thought it would. The grass growing had matted with moss and pulling off black plastic we found an assortment of rubbish all tied down with rope. An hour and half later and 6 buckets of grass, moss and gunk later the raspberry canes are looking much better. A bit more to finish off next week and then we need to move onto the other raspberry bed.

It was getting cold so after a bit of tidying up after the strong winds we’d had it was back home.


4th January 2015

Today we ordered our main crop potatoes, Pink Fir Apples.

We’d already ordered our first earlies, Red Duke of Yorks.

We had a bit of a tidy on the plot this morning, we cut back part of our raspberry canes and started cutting back the grass growing between the canes.

We also moved and divided a fruit bush (possibly blackberry) and put it next to our black currant bush.

We also planted our Poundland Blueberry and Gooseberry, hope we can get some more.

More next week, I hope.

2nd January 2015

First visit of the new year and we find the window of the shed had been blown out by the wind. A quick fix and we managed to get on with what we’d planned to do…


The main aim of today was to move the second compost bin from the middle of the plot to the side of the other we moved a few weeks earlier. Other work was to dismantle the A frame the previous tenant had used for runner beans.

beforee compost

We also moved what we think is a blackcurrant bush from behind shed number 2 to by the side of the compost bins, this was in preparation for the polytunnel we had ordered and will be taking delivery of shortly.

after blackb after2get-attachment

The peas and beans had grown more over Christmas as well.


So the allotment now looks like this


6th December 2014

This wasn’t the most thrilling week for work on our newly extended allotments.

We decided to remove the fence which separated the two plots, to make it easier getting between the 2 and then fence the new perimeter.

Much harder work than we thought because the existing fence was attached to scaffolding boards which had been buried. We reused as much of the fence as we could for the new perimeter fence.

fence1 fence2

29th November 2014

During the week we’d found out we were able to extend our plot and take over plot 10, so we had to measure up and sort all the bits and pieces out for that, then we went to work.

We harvested the last of the chard the previous tenants had left on 10a and then tidied, edged and covered the rest of the bed for Winter.



We moved a compost bin from the middle of the joined plot to the top right corner.

Part of the reason for taking on the extra plot was we wanted to get a polytunnel for some of our plans, so laid out some weed covering for where we planned to have this. We also dismantled the structure we can only assumed was a fruit cage, see the pictures below:




Our allotments now looked a little like this