22nd November 2014

It’s wet.

Today we extended and cleared the largest bed on the plot, we edged, topped with compost and covered for winter.

We slept well that night, much harder work than either of us thought it would be.



15th and 16th November 2014

A busy weekend…

The allotment looked like this at the start of the weekend


The previous tenants hadn’t really looked after the compost heap very well so we needed to empty all sorts of stuff: plastic, wood, rose, rope, the list goes on… We took about a third of what was on the heap out and pulled it down to the communal burning pile. This took much longer than either of us thought but it looks much better now and we can actually use it, see below:


We had to borrow a wheelbarrow this weekend because of our grand plans, we decided extend the second bed from the top into the small, narrow bed. Dig it over, top it with some of the communal compost and cover it for winter. Well I think we were both surprised how long this took and how much we would ache in the morning, the answer to both is a lot.

chel bed bed complete

We also filled in the small narrow bed in front of the shed.


At the end of Saturday, a long day, our allotment looked like the plan above. We had to visit the allotment again on the Sunday because we had to return the borrowed wheelbarrow and pick up some paperwork, we had also planned to do a bit more digging but we were in no state to do this, so instead we had a cup of coffee.

Whilst we were sitting surveying our land we met our neighbour who said he was giving up allotment 10, then gave us a watering can, which we thought was nice.

I later chased the man out of the shop to ask if I could buy his wheelbarrow, Chel wasn’t impressed with this, and the nice gentleman said he’d leave it for us and there was no need to pay. Win.

The news of him giving up plot 10 lead us to think about expanding if we could get the plot. More on this later.

8th and 9th November 2014

When we took over our allotment it looked a little like this and you can see picture here.


We decided to keep the soft fruit as they were so weren’t going to touch the raspberries or strawberries.

We decided to extend the larger beds and join them with the small, narrow beds. We started with the middle bed (bed 3), this was the clearest of the beds we had and we had plans to get some overwinter peas and beans in.

The pictures below show the work we did to edge and extend this bed, the one nearest the wheelbarrow.

bean bed 2 bean bed

We then extended the bed with the artichoke (if anyone can tell me for certain if this is artichoke, that would be nice) and moved the rhubarb from next to the shed to next to the artichoke.

artichoke bed

Where the rhubarb used to be we planted some garlic.


So our allotment now looked like this


2nd November 2014

Hello and welcome.

We have recently taken over an allotment.

After being on a waiting list for almost 3 years, we finally got our hands on a little over 3 rods, don’t ask I’m not entirely sure what a rod is and the lady showing us the plot wasn’t either. Here is something which explains what it is.

Because the previous tenants left us some chard we decided to take some and made some cheesy chard, recipe here.